9 Variations in Cminor on march by Dressler (WoO.63)

3 Sonatas for piano (WoO.47)

Rondo in C for piano (WoO.48)

Rondo in A for piano (WoO.49)

Fugue in D for organ (WoO.31)

Piano trio (movement in Eb)

Song - "Schilderung eines Mädchens" (WoO.107)



Song - "An einen Säugling" (WoO108)

Piano concerto in Eb (piano part only survives) (WoO.4)

3 piano quartets (WoO.36)

Minuet in Eb for piano (WoO.82)



Trio in G for piano, flute & bassoon (WoO.37)

Romance for flute, piano, bassoon & orchestra (Hess 13)

Prelude in Fminor for piano (WoO.55)




2 Preludes through all major keys (Op.39)

2 exercises for piano (no.1 in c, no.2 in Bb)

6 variations in F on a swiss air for piano (WoO.64)

24 variations in D on "Vieni amore" for piano (WoO65)

Song "Klage" (WoO.113)

Song "Prufung Des Kessens" (With orchestra) (WoO.89)

Song "Mit Malden Sich Vetrugen" (with orchestra)



Cantata on death of Joseph II (WoO.87)

Cantata on accession of Leopold II (WoO.88)

Ritterballet (WoO.1) first performance 6th March 1791 (Bonn)

Violin Concerto in C (WoO5) (incomplete)

Song - "Elegie auf den Tod eines Pudels" (WoO110)

"Punschlied" (Secular choral & piano) (WoO.111)

8 songs (Op.52)

3 duets for clarinet & bassoon (WoO.27)

Piano trio in Eb (WoO.38)

Sonata in F for piano (2 movements) (WoO.50)

Piano sonata (2 movements only) in C (WoO.51)

8 variations on theme by Waldstein for piano duet (WoO.67)

Song "Primo amore" (WoO.92)




"Der Freie Mann (secular choral & piano) (WoO.117)

Andante in C for piano

Minuet in F for piano

13 variations in A for piano (WoO.66)

12 variations in F for piano & Violin on "Marriage of Figaro" (WoO.40)

Allegro & allegretto in C (WoO.33)

Rondino in Eb for wind (WoO.25)

Duet in G for flutes (WoO.26)

Wind octet in Eb (Op.103)

Wind quintet in Eb (Hess 19)

3 piano trios (Op.1)

Rondo in G for violin & piano (WoO.41)

String trio in Eb Op.3 (arranged for piano & 'cello Op.64)

Minuet in Ab for string quartet (Hess 33) (arr Piano. Hess 88)

Song (with chorus) - "Trinklied" - (WoO109)

Song "An laura" (WoO.112)

Song "Selbstgespralii" (WoO.114)

Song "An minna" (WoO.115)

Song "Traute Henrietta"

26 Italian duets & quartets (unaccomp.vocal ensemble) (WoO.99)




Song "Que le temps me dure" (WoO.116)

2 arias for "Die Schone Schusterin" (WoO.91)

"O care selve" (choral & piano) (WoO.119)

Trio in C for 2 oboes & cor anglais (Op.87)

Canon - "Im Arm der Liebe" (WoO 159)

2 Canons - (WoO 160)

"Ah Perfido" (aria with Orchestra) (1795) (Op.65)

"Seufer eines ungeliebten & Gegenliebe" (Song) (WoO.118)

"Man strebt die flamme zu verhehlen" (Song) (WoO.120)

"Erlkonig" (sketch) (WoO.131)

Song "Adelaide" (Op.46)

4 ariettas & duet (with piano) (revised in 1809) (Op.82)

"Abschiedsgesang an wiens burger" (song) (WoO.121)

"Opferlied" (revised 1801-2) (WoO.126)

Rondo in Bb for piano & orchestra (WoO.6)

Piano concerto no.2 in Bb (revised 1798) (Op.19) first performed Mar 29th 1795

12 minuets for orchestra (1795) (WoO.7)

12 German dances for orchestra (1795) (WoO.8)

String quintet in Eb (Adapt. of wind octet Op.103) (Op.4)

2 preludes & fugues for string quartet (Hess 30 & 31)

6 minuets for string trio (WoO.9)

String duo in Eb (WoO.32)

Sextet in Eb for wind (Op.71)

Sextet in Eb for strings & wind (Op.81b)

Serenade in D for flute,violin,& viola (Op.25)

12 Variations in C for wind (from Mozart's "Don Giovanni") (WoO28) first performed 23rd Dec 1797

Piano quintet in Eb ( Op.16) 1st performed 6th April 1797

Piano trio (arr.string quintet Op.4) (Op.63)

6 German dances for piano & violin (WoO.42)

2 'cello sonatas (Op.5)

12 variations for 'cello & piano (WoO.45)

4 duos for piano & mandolin (WoO.43/44)

3 sonatas for piano (Op.2)

Piano sonata in G (Op.49no.2)

Piano sonata in Eb (Op.7)

12 variations in C for piano (WoO.68)

9 variations in C for piano (WoO.69)

6 variations in G for piano (WoO.70)

8 variations in C for piano (WoO.72)

Presto in C minor for piano (rev.1798 & 1822)(WoO52)

Allegretto in Cmin for piano (rev. 1822) (Hess 69)

Rondo in Bb for piano (doubtful authenticity) (Anh.6)

Fugue in C for piano (Hess 64)

Rondo a capriccio (piano) (Op.129)

6 minuets for piano (WoO.10)

Song "Zartliche liebe (with piano) (WoO.123)

Song "La Partenza" (WoO.124)

12 variations in A for piano (WoO.71)



Sonata in D for piano duet (Op.6)

Canon - "Herr Graf, ich komme zu fragen" (Hess 276)

Rondo in C (piano) (Op.51no.1)

Allegretto in Cminor (piano)

Bagatelle in Cminor (WoO.52)

Allegretto in Cminor (later version 1798) (WoO.53)

3 sonatas for piano (Op.10)

Notturno in D for piano & viola (arr.Op.8) (Op.42)

3 Sonatas for violin (Op.12)

Serenade in D for string trio (Op.8)

3 string trios (Op.9)

"Kriegslied der Ostereicher" (Chor.&piano) (WoO.122)

12 variations in F for piano & 'cello (from "Magic flute" ) (Op.66)




Song "La Tirama" (WoO.125)

Song "Plaisir d'aimer" (WoO.128)

Song "Neue Liebe, Neues Leben" (WoO127)

Piano concerto no.1 in C (Op.15)

Trio in Bb for piano,clarinet/violin &'cello (Op.11)

March in Bb for wind sextet (WoO29)

Piano sonata in Gmin (Op.49no.1)

Piano sonata in Cminor "Pathetique" (Op.13)

2 sonatas for piano (Op.14)

Romance for violin & Orchestra (Op.50)




7 Landlerishe Tanze (piano) (WoO.11)

3 pieces for musical clock (WoO.33)

10 variations for piano (from Salieri's "Falstaff") (WoO.73)

6 Variations in D for piano duet (WoO74)

7 variations in F for piano (WoO.75)

6/8 variations in F for piano (WoO.76)

Piano sonata in Bb (Op.22)

Septet in Eb (strings & wind) (Op.20) first performance 2nd April 1800

Prelude in Eminor for string trio

6 string quartets (Op.18)

12 minuets for orchestra (WoO.12)(doubtful authenticity)

Symphony no.1 in C (Op.21) first performed 2nd April 1800




Ballet "Creatures of Prometheus" (Op.43) first performance 28th March 1801

12 German dances for orchestra (WoO.13)

12 Contredanze for orchestra (1791-1801) (WoO.14)

Violin sonata in A minor (Op.23)

Violin sonata in F "Spring" (Op.24)

Sonata in F for horn (Op.17) first performance 18th April 1800

Piano sonata in Ab (Op.26)

Piano sonata in Eb (Op.27no.1)

6 variations in G for piano (WoO.77)

Allemande in A for piano (WoO.81)

"Anglaise" in D for piano

Rondo in G for piano (Op.51no.2)

2 Bagatelles for piano (C & Eb)

Piano concerto no.3 in Cmin (Op.37) first performed 5th April 1803




Piano sonata in C# minor "Moonlight" (Op.27no.2)

Piano sonata in D (Op.28)

3 sonatas for piano (Op.31)

7 variations for piano & 'cello (from "Magic flute") (WoO.46)

Serenade in D for Flute,Violin,Viola (Op.25)

String quartet in F (arr.Sonata Op.14, no.1)

String quintet in C (Op.29)

Aria "No non turbatio" (with orchestra) (WoO.92a)

"Lob auf den dicken" (unacc.vocal ensemble. Words by Beethoven) (WoO.100)




Romance for violin & Orchestra (Op.40)

6 Songs (Op.48)

"Lustig-Traurig" for piano (WoO54)

Song "Man strebt die flamme zu verhehlen" (WoO120)

"Graf,graf liebster graf" (unacc.vocal ensemble) (WoO.101)

Symphony no.2 in D (Op.36) first performance 5th April 1803

3 Sonatas for violin (Op.30)

Sonata in A for violin "Kreutzer" (Op.47) first performed 24th May 1803

Trio in Eb for piano,violin/clarinet & 'cello (Op.38)

Arr.Septet Op.20 for trio (Op.38)

6 variations for piano in F (Op.34)

15 variations & fugue in Eb for piano "Eroica" (Op.35)

Canon in G for piano

7 Bagatelles for piano (Op.33)

6 Landlerische Tanze for string trio (WoO.15)

"Tremate empi tremate" (Voc trio & orch.) (Op.116)(rev.1814)




7 variations on "God save the King" (WoO.78)

5 variations in D for piano on "Rule Brittania" (WoO.79)

3 Marches for piano duet (Op.45)

Waltz in Cminor for piano

2 Canons (Hess 274 and 275)

Canon - "Languisco e moro" (Hess 229)

Theme & variations in A for piano

Andante in F "Favori" for piano (WoO.57)

Bagatelle in C for piano (WoO.56)

Prelude in F for piano (WoO55)

Piano sonata in C "Waldstein" (Op.53)

Serenade in D for piano & flute (arr.Op.25) (Op.41)

Triple concerto in C (piano,violin,'cello) (Op.56)

Symphony no.3 in Eb "Eroica" (Op.55) first performance 7th April 1805

Song "Der Wachtelschlag" (WoO.129)

Song "Das Gluck der freundschaft" (Op.88)

"Nei giorni tuoi jelici" (vocal ensemble & Orch.) (WoO.93)

Oratorio "Christ on the mount of olives" (rev.1804) (Op.85) first performed 5th April 1803

Opera "Vestas fever" (incomplete)




Opera "Fidelio" (rev.1806/14) (Op.72)

Piano sonata in F (Op.54)

Piano sonata in Fminor "Appassionata" (Op.57)




Song "An die Hoffnung" (Op.32)

Piano concerto no.4 in G (Op58) first performed 22nd Dec 1808

Overture "Leonore no.2" (Op.72a)



3 string quartets "Razumovsky" (Op.59)

Song "Als die Geliebte sich tremen wollte" (WoO.132)

Symphony no.4 in Bb (Op.60) first performance March 1807

Overture "Leonore no.3" (Op.72a)

12 Ecossaises for orchestra (WoO.16)(doubtful)

32 variations in Cminor (WoO.80)

6 Ecossaises for piano (WoO.83)

Violin concerto in D (Op.61) (arr.piano & orch 1807 Op.61a)  first performed 23rd Dec 1806




Song "In questa tomba oscura" (WoO.132)

'Cello sonata in A (Op.69)

March in Bb for wind (WoO.29)

Overture "Leonore no.1" (Op.138) first performed 7th Feb 1828

Overture "Coriolan" (Op.62) first performance March 1807

Symphony no.5 in Cminor (1804-8) (Op.67) first performance 22nd Dec 1808

Symphony no.6 in F ("Pastoral") (1807-8) (Op.68) first performance 22nd Dec 1808

Mass in C (Op.86) 1st performed 13th sept 1807




Song "Sensucht" (WoO.134)

Fantasia for piano,chorus & orch. (Op.80) first performed 22nd Dec 1808

2 piano trios (Op.70)

Song "Andenken" (with piano) (WoO.136)




Cadenzas for concertos (Op.15,19,37,58,&61)

Fantasia in Gminor for piano (Op.77)

2 Cadenzas for Mozart's concerto in Dmin K.446. (WoO.58)

6 variations in D (from "Ruins of Athens") for piano (Op.76)

Piano sonata in F # (Op.78)

Piano sonata in G (Op.79)

Piano sonata in Eb "Les adieux" (Op.81a)

String quartet in Eb "Harp" (Op.74)

Piano concerto in Eb no.5 "Emperor" (Op.73) first performed 28th Nov 1811 (Leipzig)

Song "Lied aus der ferne" (WoO.137)

Song "Der jungling in der frende" (WoO.138)

Song "Die Liebende" (WoO.139)

Song "Die laute klage" (WoO.135)

6 songs (Op.75)  




"Egmont" incidental music (Op.84) first performance 15th June 1810

3 songs (Op.83)

25 Irish songs arr. with piano trio (1810-13) (WoO.152)

7 British folk songs (1810-17) (WoO 158/2)

26 Welsh songs arr. with piano trio (1810-14) (WoO.155)

Polonaise in D for military band (WoO.21)

Ecossaise in D for military band (WoO.22)

March no.1 in F for military band (WoO.18)

March no.2 in F for military band (WoO.19)

March in C for military band (WoO.20)

String quartet in Fminor (Op.95) first performed May 1814

Bagatelle in A minor "Fur Elise" for piano (rev. 1822) (WoO.59)

Ecossaise in G for piano (WoO.23)  




Grenadier's march in F for mucical clock (1807/18)

2 German dances for piano (F,Fminor)

Piano trio in Bb "Archduke" (Op.97) first performance 11th April 1814

Symphony no.7 in A (Op.92) first performance 8th Dec 1813

Song "An die Geliebte" (2 settings - rev 1814) (WoO.140)

Canon - "Ewig dein" (WoO 161)

"Ruins of Athens" (incidental music) (Op.113) first performance 10th Feb 1812

"King Stephen" (incidental music) (Op.117) first performance 10th Feb 1812




Symphony no.8 in F (Op.93) first performance 27th Feb 1814

3 Equali for 4 trombones (WoO.30)

Movement in Bb for piano trio (WoO.39)

Violin sonata in G (Op.96) first performance 29th Dec 1812



March & intro for "Tarpesa" (orch.) (WoO.2) first performance 26th March 1813

"Battle of Vittoria" (Orchestra) (Op.91) first performed 3rd Dec 1813

20 Irish songs arr. with piano trio (1810-13) (WoO.153)

12 Irish songs arr. with piano trio (WoO.154)

Canon - "Kurz ist der Schmerz" (Nov) (WoO 163)

Song "Der gesang der nachtigalle" (WoO.141)

Song "An die Hoffnung" (2nd setting) (Op.94)

Song "Die Bardengeist" (WoO.142)  



"Ich bin der herr von zu" (WoO.199)

"Germania" (orch.) (WoO.94) first performance 11th April 1814

Cantata "Der Glorreiche augenblick" (Op.136) first performance 29th Nov 1814

Canon - "Freundschaft ist die quelle" (Sept) (WoO 164)

"Un lieto brindiser" (chor. & piano) (WoO.103) first performance 24th June 1814

"Elegischer Gesang" (voc quartet & orch) (Op.118)

"Merkenstein" (arr voc duet & piano) (Op.100)

"Abschiedsgesang" (unacc.voc.ensemble) (WoO.102)

Song "Das Kriegers abschied" (WoO.143)

Song "Merkenstein" (WoO.144)

Piano sonata in E minor (Op.90)

Polonaise in C for piano (Op.89)




'Cello sonatas (Op.102)

Variations in G for piano trio (Op.121a)

Canon - "Gluck zum neuen jahr" (Jan) (WoO 165)

Canon - "Kurz ist der Schmerz" (Mar) (WoO 166)

Canon - "Brauchle, Linke" (WoO 167)

Adagio in Ab for 3 horns (Hess 297)

Overture "Zur Namensfieier" (Op.115) first performed Dec 25th 1815

Song "Sensucht" (WoO.146)

Song "Das Geheimnis" (WoO.145)

12 popular songs (arr. with piano trio) (1815-19) (WoO.157)

25 Scottish songs (arr. with piano trio) (Op.108)

"Chor auf die verbundeten fursten" (chor & orch.) (WoO.95)

"Meeresstille und gluckliche fahrt" (chor & orch) (Op.112) first performance 25 Dec 1815

"Es ist vollbracht" (incidental music) (WoO.97) first performance 15th July 1815

"Leonora Prohaska" (incidental music) (WoO.96)  




Song-cycle "An die ferne Geliebte" (Op.98)

Song "Der mann von wort" (Op.99)

Song "Ruf vom berge" (WoO.147)

2 Canons - Das Schweigen, Das reden (Jan) (WoO 168)

Canon - "Ich Kusse sie" (Jan) (WoO 169)

Canon - "Ars longa , Vita Brevis" (Apr) (WoO. 170)

23 songs (arr. with piano trio) (WoO.158/1)

March for military band in D (WoO.24)

Piano sonata in A (Op.101)



6 variations for piano & flute/violin (Op.105)

10 variations for piano & flute/violin (Op.107)

Canon - "Gluck fehl' dir vor allem" (WoO 171)

Movement in Dminor (string quartet)

Fugue in D (String quintet) (Op.137)

6 Assorted Folk songs (1810-20) (WoO 158/3)

12 Scottish songs (arr. with piano trio) (WoO.156)

Song "So oder so" (WoO.148)

Song "Resignation" (WoO.149)

"Gesang der monche" (Unacc.voc.ensemble) (WoO.104)




Piano sonata in Bb "Hammerklavier" (Op.106)

Theme "O Hoffnung" for piano (Archduke Rudolph) (WoO.200)

Canon - "Ich bitt' dich" (WoO 172)

Bagatelle in Bb for piano (WoO.60)




11 Modlinger Tanze for strings & woodwind (WoO.17) (doubtful)

Canon - "Hol' euch der teufel" (WoO 173)

Canon - "Glaube und hoffe" (Sep) (WoO 174)

Canon - "Gluck zum neuen jahr" (Dec) (WoO 176)

Canon - "Alles gute" (Dec) (WoO 179)

"Hochzeitlied" (chor.& piano) (WoO.105)

Song - "Gedenke Mein" (drafted 1804/5) (WoO130)




Song "Abendlied unterm gestirnten himmel" (WoO.150)

2 Austrian folk songs

Canon - "Sankt Petrus war ein Fels" (Jan) (WoO 175)

Canon - "Liebe mich, werter Weissenbach" (Jan) ((Hess 300)

Canon - "Wahner .. est ist kein wahn" (Jan) (Hess 301)

Canon - "Bester Magistrat" (WoO 177)

Canon - "Signor Abate" (WoO 178)

Canon - "Hoffmann, sei ja kein Hoffmann" (Mar) (WoO 180)

3 Canons (WoO 181)

Piano sonata in E (Op.109)

Little concerto finale in C (arr.Presto Op.37)




Allegretto in Bminor for piano (WoO.61)

Canon - "O Tobias" (Sept) (WoO 182)

11 Bagatelles for piano (Op.119)

Piano sonata in Ab (Op.110)




Overture "Consecration of the house" (Op.124) first performance 3rd Oct 1822

March with chorus for Consecration of the house (Op.114) first performance 3rd Oct 1822

Chorus for Consecration of the house (WoO98) first performance 3rd Oct 1822

"Opferlied" (Op.121b) (chor & orch.) first performance 23rd Dec 1822

"Gratulations" minuet in Eb for orch. (WoO.3) first performed 3rd Nov 1822

Short duo in A for violins (WoO.34)

Piano sonata in Cminor (Op.111)

Song "Der Kuss" (Op.128)




"Bundeslied" (chor & orch.) (Op.122)

Song "Der elde Mensch" (WoO.151)

Bagatelle in C for piano

Canon - "Bester Herr Graf" (Feb) (WoO 183)

Canon - "Falstafferel, lass' dich sehen" (Apr) (WoO 184)

Canon - "Edel sei der Mensch" (2 versions) (May) (WoO 185)

6 Bagatelles for piano (Op.126)

33 variations in C on waltz by Diabelli (Op.120)

Cantata for Princess Lobkowitz's birthday (piano & chor) (WoO.106)

"Missa Solemnis" in D (1819-23) (Op.123) first performance 18th April 1824 (St.Petersburg)




"Opferlied" (2nd setting for orch & chor) (Op.121b)

Canon - "Te solo adoro" (Jun) ( WoO 186)

Canon - "Schwenke dich ohne Schwanke" (Nov) (WoO 187)

Symphony no.9 in Dminor (1822-4) (Op.125) first performance 7th May 1824

Waltz in Eb for piano (WoO.84)  




Piece in Gminor for piano (WoO.61a)

Waltz in D for piano (WoO.85)

Ecossaise in Eb for piano (WoO.86)

Canon - "Gott ist eine feste Berg" (Jan) (WoO 188)

Canon - "Doktor, sperrt das tor" (May) (WoO 189)

Canon - "Ich war hier, Doktor" (Jun) (WoO 190)

Canon - "Kuhl, nicht lau" (Sep) (WoO 191)

Canon - "Ars longa , vita brevis" (Sep) (WoO 192)

Canon - "Ars longa , vita brevis" (WoO 193)

Canon - "Si non per portas" (Sep) (WoO 194)

Canon - "Freu' dich des lebens" (Dec) (WoO 195)

Canon in A for 2 violins (Aug) (WoO.35)

String quartet in Eb (1822-5) (Op.127) first performed 6th March 1825

String quartet in Aminor (Op.132) first performed 6th Nov 1825

String quartet in Bb (new finale in 1826) (Op.130) first performed 21st March 1826

"Grosse fugue" for string quartet (orig.finale Op.130) (Op.133) first performed 21st March 1826

"Holz,Holz" (unacc.voc ensemble) (WoO.204)



String quartet in C#minor (Op.131)

String quartet in F (Op.135) first performed 23rd March 1828

Fugue in Bb for piano duo (arr.Grosse fugue) (Op.134)

Canon - "Bester magistrat" (Apr)

Canon - "Es Muss sein" (Jul) (WoO 196)

Canon - "Da ist das werk" (Sep) (WoO 197)

Canon - "Esel aller Esel" (Sep) (Hess 277)

Canon - "Wir irren allesamt" (Dec) (WoO 198)

Movement in C for string quintet (WoO62) (survives in piano arr.)




Sketches for a 10th symphony



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