a) For two Hands

Three Sonatas (f. A, C) Op. 2

Sonata (Eb) Op. 7

Three Sonatas (c, F, D) Op. 10

Sonata "Pathetique" (c) Op. 13

Two Sonatas (E, G) Op. 14

Sonata (Bb) Op. 22

Sonata (Ab) Op. 26

Two Sonatas "Quasi un fantasia" (Eb, c#) Op. 27

Sonata "Pastorale" (D) Op. 28

Three Sonatas (G, d, Eb) Op. 31

Two Sonatas (g, G) Op. 49

Sonata "Waldstein" (C) Op. 53

Sonata (F) Op. 54

Sonata "Appassionata" (f) Op. 57

Sonata (F#) Op. 78

Sonata (G) Op. 79

Sonata "Les Adieux" (Eb) Op. 81 a

Sonata (e) Op. 90

Sonata (A) Op. 101

Sonata "Hammerklavier" (Bb) Op. 106

Sonata (E) Op. 109

Sonata (Ab) Op. 110

Sonata (e) Op. 111

Three Sonatas (Eb, f, D), "Electoral sonatas" WoO 47

Zwei Sätze einer Sonatine (F) WoO 50

Leichte Klaviersonate (C) WoO 51

b) Variations

6 Variations (F) on an Original theme Op. 34

15 Variations (Eb) on an Original theme Op. 35

6 Variations (D) on an Original theme Op. 76

33 Variations (C) on a Waltz by Diabelli Op.120

9 Variations (e) on a March by Dressler WoO 63

6 Variations (F) on a Swiss song (also for harp) WoO 64

24 Variations (D) on "Venni Amore“ by Righini WoO 65

13 Variations (A)  "Es war einmal ein alter Mann“ by Dittersdorf WoO 66

12 Variations (C) on the Minuet "à la Viganò“ by Haibel WoO 68

9 Variations (A) on "Quant' è più bello“ by Paisiello WoO 69

6 Variations (G) on "Nel cor più non mi sento“ by Paisiello WoO 70

12 Variations (A) on a Russian dance from the ballet "Das Waldmädchen" by Wranitzky WoO 71

8 Variations (C) on "Une fièvre brulante“ by Grétry WoO 72

10 Variations (Bb)on "La stessa, la stessissima“ by Salieri WoO 73

7 Variations (F) on "Kind, willst du ruhig schlafen“ by Winter WoO 75

6 Variations (F) on "Tändeln und scherzen“ by Süßmayr WoO 76

6  Variations (G) on an Original theme WoO 77

7 Variations (C) on "God save the King“ Wo0O 78

5 Variations (D) on "Rule Britannia“ WoO 79

32 Variations (c) on an Original theme WoO 80

c) Miscellaneous

7 Bagatelles Op. 33

2 Preludes through all the keys Op.39 

2 Rondos (C,G) Op. 51

Fantasia (g) Op. 77

Polonaise (C) Op. 89

11 Bagatelles Op. 119

6 Bagatelles Op. 126

Rondo a capriccio (G) Op. 129

Rondo (C) WoO 48

Rondo (A) WoO 49

Bagatelle (c) WoO 52

Allegretto (c) WoO 53

Bagatelle "Lustig-traurig“ WoO 54

Prelude (f) WoO 55

Bagatelle (C) WoO 56

Andante (F) WoO 57

2 cadenzas for Mozar'ts Piano Concerto in d, KV 466 WoO 58

Bagatelle (a) "Für Elise“ WoO 59

Klavierstück (B) for Marie Szymanowska (?) WoO 60

Klavierstück (h) for Ferdinand Piringer WoO 61

Klavierstück (g) for Sarah Burney Payne WoO 61a

Klavierstück (C) "Letzter musikalischer Gedanke" WoO 62

d) For four Hands

Sonata (D) Op. 6

Three Marches (C, Eb, D) Op. 45

Grosse Fugue Op. 134 arr.Op. 133

Eight Variations (C) on a Theme by Count von Waldstein WoO 67

Lied "Ich denke dein“ (D) with variations WoO 74




I) Opera 

Leonore Op. 72(i), with overture Leonore no.2 (3 Acts)

Leonore Op. 72(ii), with overture Leonore no.3 (2 Acts)

Fidelio Op. 72(iii), with overture Fidelio (2 Acts)

Vestas Feuer Hes 115  (Unfinished)

II)  Incidental music

Music for Goethe's "Egmont“ Op. 84

Die Ruinen von Athen Op. 113

March with Chorus from the "Ruinen von Athen“, for the "Consecration of the House" Op. 114

King Stephan Op. 117

"Wo sich die Pulse“ zur "Weihe des Hauses“ WoO 98

"Germania“ for "Die gute Nachricht“ WoO 94

Triumphmarsch and Introduction for "Tarpeja“ WoO 2a und 2b

Musik for "Leonore Prohaska“ WoO 96

"Es ist vollbracht“ for "Die Ehrenpforten“ WoO 97

Two Arias for Umlauf's Singspiel "Die schöne Schusterin“ WoO 91



The Creatures of Prometheus Op. 43

Ritterballett WoO 1



I) Mass and Oratorio

Mass (C) Op. 86

Missa Solemnis (D) Op. 123

Christus am Ölberge Op. 85

II) Cantatas

Cantata for the death of Joseph II. WoO 87

Cantata for the accession of Leopold II.  WoO 88

Der glorreiche Augenblick Op. 136

III) Miscellaneous

Chor auf die verbündeten Fürsten WoO 95

Meeresstille und Glückliche Fahrt Op. 112

Opferlied Op. 121b

Bundeslied Op. 122

Elegischer gesang Op.118 (with string quartet)

IV) With Piano

Choral Fantasy (for piano, soloists, Orchestra and chorus) Op. 80 

Cantata Campestre "Un lieto brindisi“ WoO 103

Hochzeitslied WoO 105

Lobkowitz-Kantate WoO 106

V) Unaccompanied

Italian Part songs WoO 99 

"Lob auf den Dicken“ for 3 Soloists and Chorus WoO 100

"Graf, Graf, liebster Graf“ for 3 Soloists and chorus WoO 101

"Abschiedsgesang“ for 3 part male chorus WoO 102

"Gesang der Mönche" from Schiller's "Wilhelm Tell“ for 3 part male chorus WoO 104




I) With Orchestra  

Scene and Aria "Ah perfido!“ Op. 65

Trio "Tremate, empi, tremate“ Op. 116

Aria "Prüfung des Küssens“ WoO 89

Aria "Mit Mädeln sich vertragen“ WoO 90

Scene and Aria "Primo amore“ WoO 92

Scene and Aria "No, non turbati“ WoO 92a

Duet "Nei giorni tuoi felici“ WoO 93


II) Lieder With piano

Opus 32, 46, 48, 52, 75, 82, 83, 88, 94, 98, 99, 100, 128 und WoO 107–151.

III) Folksong arrangements with Piano trio accompaniment

25 Scottish songs Op. 108

25 Irish songs WoO 152

20 Irish songs WoO 153

Zwölf Irish songs WoO 154

26 Welsh songs WoO 155

12 Scottish songs WoO 156

12 Assorted folksongs WoO 157

36 Assorted Folksongs WoO 158


IV) Canons

WoO 159–198. (Listed in WoO section)

V) Musical quips.

WoO 199–205




Gratulations-menuett (Eb) WoO 3

Twelve Minuets  WoO 7 (b) 2vn,bass (c) Piano

Twelve German dances  WoO 8 (b) 2vn,bass (c) Piano

Twelve Minuets WoO 12 (spurious - by Carl Beethoven)

Twelve Contretänze Wo0 14 (b) 2vn,bass (c) Piano 

Six ländler for two Violins and Bass  WoO 15 (b) Piano

Six minuets for two Violins and Bass  WoO 9

Eleven Mödlinger dances WoO 17 (Spurious)


March for military band (F) Nr. 1 sog. Yorckscher Marsch WoO 18

March for military band (F) Nr. 2 WoO 19

March for military band (C) WoO 20

March for military band (D) WoO 24

Polonaise for military band (D) WoO 21

Ecossaise for military band (D) WoO 22

Ecossaise for military band (G) WoO 23

Three Equale for four Trombones WoO 30


Six minuets  WoO 10

Seven ländler   WoO 11

Twelve German dances   WoO 13 (Orch. version lost)

Twelve Ecossaises  WoO 16 (spurious)

Allemande (A) WoO 81

Minuet (Eb) WoO 82

6 Ecossaises (Eb) WoO 83

Waltz (Eb) WoO 84

Walz (D) WoO 85

Ecossaise (Eb) WoO 86



5 Pieces for Mechanical clock WoO 33

2 Part Fugue for Organ (D) WoO 31

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e) Trio

Trio for Piano, Flute and Bassoon (G) WoO 37

Trio  Piano, Clarinet and Violoncello (Bb) Op.11 Serenade (D) for Flute, Violin and Viola Op. 25

Trio (C) for 2 Oboes and Cor Anglais Op. 87

Variations (C) for 2 Oboes and Cor Anglais on "La ci darem la mano“ WoO 28


f) Duo

Sonata (F) for Piano and Horn Op. 17

Six sets of variations for Piano and Flute or Violin ad lib. Op. 105

Ten sets of variations for Piano and Flute or Violin ad lib. Op. 107

Duo (G) for 2 Flutes WoO 26

Three Duos (C, F, B) for Clarinet and bassoon WoO 27



c) Trios

Trio (Eb) for Violin, Viola and Violoncello Op. 3

Serenade (D) for Violin, Viola and Violoncello Op. 8

Three Trios (G, D, c) for Violin, Viola and Violoncello Op. 9


d) Duos

Duo (Eb) for Viola and Violoncello WoO 32

Small piece (A) for 2 Violins WoO 34

Small piece (A) (canon), for 2 Violins WoO 35

III. Wind

a) Octet

Octet (Eb) for 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns, 2 Bassoon Op. 103

Rondino (Eb) for 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns, 2 Bassoon WoO 25

b) Septet

Septet (Eb) for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Doublebass, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon Op. 20

c) Sextet

Sextet (Eb) for 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns, 2 Bassoon Op. 71

Sextet (Eb) for 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello and 2 Horns Op. 81b

March (Bb) for 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns, 2 Bassoon WoO 29

d) Quintet

Quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Horn (Eb) Op. 16

b) Trios 

Three Trios (Eb, G, c) Op. 1

Trio (arr. Septet Op. 20) (Eb) Op. 38

Trio (arr.Symphony no.2) (D) Op.36

Two Trios (D, Eb) Op. 70

"Archduke" Trio (Bb) Op. 97

Trio (Eb) WoO 38

Trio (Allegretto) (Bb) WoO 39

Variations on an Original theme (Eb) Op. 44

Variations on a Theme by Wenzel Müller (G) Op. 121a

c) Duos 

Three Violin Sonatas (D, A, Eb) Op. 12

Violin Sonata (a) Op. 23

Violin Sonata "Spring" (F) Op. 24

Three Violin Sonatas (A, e, G) Op. 30

Violin Sonata "Kreutzer" (A) Op. 47

Violin Sonata (G) Op. 96

Variations (F) on "Se vuol ballare“ WoO 40

Rondo for Violin (G) WoO 41

Six German Dances WoO 42

Two Sonatas for Piano and Violoncello (F, g) Op. 5

Sonata for Piano and Violoncello (A) Op. 69

Two Sonatas for Piano and Violoncello (C, D) Op. 102

Variations (F) on "Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen“ for Piano and Violoncello Op. 66

Variations (G) on a theme from Handels "Judas Makkabeus“, for Piano and Violoncello WoO 45

Variations (Eb) on "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen" for Piano and Violoncello WoO 46

Two pieces (c,Eb) for Mandolin and Piano WoO 43

Sonatina (C) for Mandolin and Piano WoO 44


II. Strings 

a) Quintet (for 2 Violins, 2 Violas and Violoncello)

Quintet (Eb) Op. 4 (arr. Octet Op. 103)

Quintet (C) Op. 29

Quintet (c) Op. 104 (arr. Trio Op. 1/III)

Quintet fugue (D) Op. 137

b) Quartet (for 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello)

Six Quartets (F, G, D, c, A, Bb) Op. 18

Three Quartets "Rasumovsky" (F, e, C) Op. 59

Quartet "Harp" (Eb) Op. 74

Quartet "Serioso" (f) Op. 95

Quartet (Eb) Op. 127

Quartet (Bb) Op. 130

Quartet (c#) Op. 131

Quartet (a) Op. 132

Quartet (F) Op. 135

Große Fugue (B) Op. 133

Quartet (F) (arr. Sonata Op. 14/I)

1. Symphony (C) Op. 21

2. Symphony (D) Op. 36

3. Symphony (Eb) Op. 55

4. Symphony (Bb) Op. 60

5. Symphony (c) Op. 67

6. Symphony (F) Op. 68

7. Symphony (A) Op. 92

8. Symphony (F) Op. 93

9. Symphony (d) Op. 125


Wellingtons Sieg "Battle Symphony" Op. 91



"Zur Namensfeier“ (C) Op. 115

"Die Weihe des Hauses“ (C) Op. 124

Leonore no.1 Op.138


1. With several instruments

Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin and Violoncello (C) Op. 56


2. Piano  

1. Concerto for Piano (C) Op. 15

2. Concerto for Piano (B) Op. 19

3. Concerto for Piano (c) Op. 37

4. Concerto for Piano (G) Op. 58

5. Concerto for Piano (Eb) Op. 73

Concerto for Piano (arr.Violin concerto Op. 61a)

Concerto for Piano (Eb) WoO 4

Rondo for Piano (Bb) WoO 6

3. Violin

Concerto for Violin (D) Op. 61

Concerto for Violin (C) (incomplete) WoO 5

Romance for Violin (G) Op. 40

Romance for Violin (F) Op. 50



1.  Piano & Strings

a) Quartet for piano, Violin, Viola and Violoncello

Quartet (arr.piano quintet Op. 16) (Eb)

Three Quartets (Eb, D, C) WoO 36



          I) SYMPHONIES